My Journal

27 May
Bonjour. I'm Laura, I'm 18 and I live in Scunthorpe. It's in North Lincolnshire, kinda near Grimsby and Sheffield and Doncaster and Hull and all them kinda places.

I'm currently taking an unforseen gap year. In short, I finished my A Levels and went straight on to uni (Oxford Brookes, History & English Language and Linguistics, if you're interested), and left in December. So now I'm working full-time in a supermarket til September, when I'll be off to Bishop Grosseteste College in Lincoln to study Education & English, and the long wait is doing my head in!

I spend most of my time spending money I don't have. I like shopping, going out, watching films, and all that kinda thing that most 18 year olds are into. I'm addicted to soaps and crappy TV shows (Big Brother, anyone?) and listen to all kinds of music. I'm sarcastic with a slightly strange sense of humour, and my mood tends to slide from one extreme to the other.

My short term plans are to travel a bit more and rack up a bit more life experience. I don't have long term plans, cos I know full well I won't stick to them.

Et voila. Me in a nutshell. :)